Advent 5

The wonder of today.

Found in:

The sunrise, the pink and purple sky, the frosty ground and the dawn of another blue sky day.

The chance to sit on the sofa for a while this afternoon with tea, a book and some lovely clementines.

The realisation that several years ago a solo dinner and bedtime with the boys would have felt scary and hard. Today it just feels like normal life, hanging out, reading by candle light and a whole lot less fear. I’m even looking forward to a Saturday morning out with them on my own. We’ve come a long way in these last few years.

Dancing around the kitchen to Rend Collective’s Christmas album. We’ve been doing this for about 5 years now. We are living the memories these boys will look back on when they are grown. No longer are they needy small things (well they are pretty needy and small still) but they feel like actual human beings, people who interact with me, who are affecting me and I them. No longer are they baby and toddler gazing at me in curiosity as I dance in front of them but they now join in the dance. (there’s a profound thought there somewhere..)

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