Advent 4

Today I started musing on my search for wonder and why I wasn’t just reflecting on waiting, seeing as how Advent is kind of all about waiting.

Then I heard some people comment on not feeling the Advent vibe yet, of the remoteness of the second coming. Of how they can’t conceive of it.

Which sent me off on some thoughts about how we live in inbetween times, and how whilst we wait for full second coming we also have the coming of Jesus in our lives right now. We aren’t just waiting in the dark for light. The light has come. Sure, we hope deeply, we ache and we long for the one day everything sad will come untrue moment, but in the meantime we have the Presence of the One who has Come. Here. Right now.

This thought led me to bring this poem to our staff team meeting this morning.

“Stand still. The trees ahead and the bushes beside you

Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here

And you must treat it as a powerful stranger.”

David Wagoner

I love this sense of Here. The reality is that Jesus has come by his Spirit into the Here of our lives. Advent is as much about noticing and reflecting on that aspect of that coming of Christ as the first and second coming. Here is all we have and I want to look for Jesus in this moment now.

Which leads me back to wonder again. I look for wonder because it leads me to beauty and beauty leads me to transcendence and transcendence says to my soul that there is more than this and my soul says Hello to the more than this and Hello to my Maker (for those who have also read his excellent book, yes I am heavily plagiarising Padraig O Tauma right now from ‘In the Shelter’.) Wonder leads me to Jesus come in the now, in the Here of our lives.

Today the wonder was found in good team times, both in our large and varied staff team and in the smaller team of me, my boss and our new colleague. The sun shone bright again and as always I was arrested by the view above on my cycle home. Wonder and beauty and hope. All around. Hello to the wonder.

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