Advent 6

Today there was much wonder in a slower day, a day of sitting on sofas reading books, of writing with friends and hearing lovely encouragement after I read something I felt fairly vulnerable about. (no doubt it will be appearing on this blog soon…)

It was also Christmas Tree day (and over exhausted meltdown day, but that’s another story…)   I love how each year the story of our life together grows on this tree. From the decorations given as part of our honeymoon tree 10 years ago, to the ikea bundle I bought a few years into marriage, to the random nursery and school tat, and then decorations collected over the years on countless visits to Garden Centres with the boys. Oh how I miss the endless Christmas time trips to Garden Centres that came with the preschool years.

Anyway, it feels like our tree is creating as much story as our tree used to when I was growing up (and still retains at my parents house to this day). I am glad we don’t just go for the aesthetically pleasing look. I loved the boys squeals of excitement as they pulled out memories from the last few years from the decoration box.  I love this memory tree of wonder. And I love the boys super abundant excitement at putting it up this evening.

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