Advent 1

IMG_7267And so it is here, the return of Advent blogging has come. If you’ve been around this blog for a while you’ll remember that I love this season and I’ve got into the habit of blogging everyday in Advent. I do this as part of making myself aware of the depth of this season, the hope on offer, the light in the dark, the joy in the pain and the reasons for embracing life on this crazy messy planet we inhabit. In conversation with an excellent friend last year we mused on our need for Advent to take us into the coming year, not just prepare us for a day which can never live up to the hype. I’d be happy to take Christmas Day out of the equation all together. I need this reminder of light in the dark to take me into the year ahead, I need to remember Jesus has come and will come so I can live well and flourish as the days and months go on, not just in preparation for one day in our lives.

This morning Dave, our minister at church, reminded us that Jesus’ second coming is a good thing, a coming consistent with the Jesus we know and love. We aren’t waiting for a different type of Jesus to come back, we are waiting for our friend, the One who dwells amongst us by his Spirit, the One who will bring peace and shalom finally to us and our world, which is groaning in expectation of this wonder. Knowing that we have an amazing future transforms our waiting, delighting in our friend coming back brings hope and joy into the veil of tears that can make up this life now. Knowing that the Spirit is at work now transforms our perspective on Today and brings meaning into the waiting for the wonder.

I want to recognise the wonder again, for me taking note of the wonder and beauty in each day leads me to awareness of the unseen reality of our lives, to the Maker of all, to the Spirit at work and to the hope of Jesus coming back. I want to embrace this discipline of noticing and if you want to come along for the ride you are more than welcome. Do share your wonder moments and we can raise our eyes to the One whose coming changed everything in this world. We can remember again our Emmanuel, our light in the dark, our friend moving into the neighbourhood.

Here we go:


Today the wonder was found in the joy of my small boys in getting out the Advent Puzzle Calendar which I painstakingly persevered with putting together 7 years ago when son1 was first born. It’s become a symbol for me of my survival of those hideous early weeks when I thought I was falling to pieces and had no clue who I was anymore. I knew I loved Advent, I knew I loved Christmas and I sewed to put some of the pieces of my life back in place. I love looking at it now and enjoying how far we have come on this journey. I think it’s probably one of those Ebenezer things and as I raise it each year and blue tac it to the wall I remember the God who held me and helped me and did not let go. And so the first song of the Advent blog shall go to Sufijan and his beautiful rendition of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.

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