My self care list for winter…

The nights are fully drawing in. It is dark when I wake, dark again by dinner time. The skies are mainly full of grey clouds. Rain is never far overhead.The trees are gradually loosing their bright burning colours of dying. Winter is coming.

This year the blue skies and sun, which bring joy to my soul, have been few and far between. I can feel the affects like a negative blanket over my mind. Everything has become tainted in grey dullness.

I am slowly remembering that I need to fight this. Slowly and slyly I can fight the creeping affects of grey on my soul.

With that in mind here are my self care steps for winter. I’ve been putting these steadily back into my days recently.


I need exercise, I need to be outdoors lots of the time. I am someone who just can’t cope with long periods indoors. I’m not really a fan of walking in the rain but the exhilaration boost of running in the rain brings big joy to my face. I need the endorphins. I need to run.


I’m a scrolling junkie and it’s not good for my soul. Sitting in our grey chair by the lamp, able to glance out of the window at birds on our bird feeder is a wonderful spot to get absorbed in a book. This weekend I put my phone down and picked up a book whenever I could. It does something good in my head to read different perspectives on life. 

3. Lean into hygge

I know, it’s a bit of a buzz word around winter time, this art of being snug and warm, but I need it. I put slippers on at home whenever I can, we read candlelit stories to the boys after dinner, I drink much tea and eat many clementines. I wrap my cold body in warm blankets and accept my body in its desire for hibernation and hunkering down.

4. Looking for wonder

I need to try hard to remember the unseen world at this time of year. It’s easy to not see anything transcendent and plod on, head to the ground, surrounded by bleak. On Sunday night at our contemplative service I had the chance to sit down and write out Holy moments, moments when I tasted that there was more to this world than what I can see, taste and touch. It turned out the last few days had been rich in them but I just hadn’t stopped to notice. I left the service feeling like shafts of light had broken through the dark gloom of my mind. Advent wonder blogging is coming in a couple of weeks. I’ll be recording what has given me wonder each day to raise my eyes to the beyond dwelling in each moment.

5.Accept the sleepy and slow

The trees are beginning their long pause before spring growth and life. Whilst I’m not sure the pattern of our lives wholly fits neatly into the rhythm of the seasons, there is something to be said for imitating the natural world around us. It is resting and waiting. That isn’t such a bad state to join. 

What’s on your list?

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