Advent 2

I forget that there is always a day in December where the wonder flows with ease. Where it is easy to write of the hope of God here on the earth because I meet up with two of my favourite humans who have reminded me of the reality of God over and over again in the last 20 years. Yep. It was Anna and Sarah Christmas Day today. We talked, ate amazing food, laughed, cried and prayed. Thankful as ever for this covenant friendship.

I also noticed how thankful I am at the moment. It is good to be aware of the good and as much as my tendency is towards gloom I enjoyed expressing today how much I have to be thankful for.

Here are just some, so when I get gloomy tomorrow I can remember. These things are real and true regardless of what my immediate prevailing emotions may be:

A new sense of the reality of God

A great weekend getting to tell people how much their Maker loved them and sense that Maker being at work.

Freshness in my thinking about my job and friendships

An amazing husbandface who cheers me on and enables me to flourish.

The continuing journey of learning our capacities, getting it wrong but learning through it.

A lurking sense that I might have more of a growth mindset these days. I’m not perfect at anything but I can do some stuff and maybe learn to do it differently next time (for me this is groundbreaking!).

Two small boys who are very into snuggles and Christmas.

Friends who care and listen and ask,

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