Friday round up


Harrods, just around the corner from where we are staying 🙂

Here we are, back to the routine of end of the week blogging. Phew.

We have spent the last week enjoying London with the American family of husbandface. It has been a wonderful break from the norms of life, from routine and from the exhaustion that had set in. It has been brilliant to hang out together and share the craziness of life. It hasn’t been perfect, the boys have struggled a bit away from home and husbandface has struggled with wanting to do more than he can manage. Despite all that we have had lots of fun and I’ve really valued other people taking the boys away at intervals, the presence of my lovely parents for a day, meeting for coffee with someone in a similar situation and hanging out with a couple of excellent friends throughout the week. It’s been a week that has felt spacious and light.

We really haven’t done many of the ‘London’ things which Maisy seems to fit into one day in the classic ‘Maisy goes to London’ book. We didn’t do the Zoo, the Aquarium, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace or even the new Lego shop. We managed one day out in the centre on the South Bank and the Duck Tour but that was enough for our highly stimulated boys. It was good to get a sense of having seen lots of London but then to retreat to our little corner of Knightsbridge and Hyde Park. We did wander briefly through the Natural History Museum and this morning the excellent Americans took the boys to the Science Museum. I think that’s probably enough tourist things for a week. Slow and steady works for us all right now. This afternoon we plan on boating on the Serpentine and maybe more ice cream.

We have all loved having Hyde Park on our doorstep. It has provided the chance for son1 to scoot in non hilly places, the benefits of lots of green space and the lovely Diana Memorial Fountain to splash in. I’ve enjoyed running through the park on various mornings and glimpsing the horse guard parade from a distance as I’ve pounded around the paths.


The later half of the week has brought the beginning of 30 Days of Wild. All through June we are blogging about our month of getting out into the outdoors more over on our motorhoming adventure blog. Here’s a taste of our first day.

Today marked the beginning of our adventures with #30daysofwild. We are currently staying the week in London with friends who are family. I thought this lovely location might be a slight damper on our search for wild but with Hyde Park on our doorstep it’s been good to think about searching for urban wild.

This morning we headed to the Diana Memorial Fountain, a beautiful park within the park with a rushing circular fountain for people to paddle in. It does a pretty good imitation of a mountain stream with multi levels and textures under foot. The boys loved it, apart from the times Son2 thought that maybe he was getting too wet. Anyway, it was wonderful to get barefoot in the capital, feel cool cool water on our legs and soft green grass beneath our feet.

Tomorrow we head home, back to reality and routine. I think I’m ready to plunge into the next two months of life before heading out on our road trip adventure.

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