This week. 


Soft play in a garden centre. 

Sunny sunny day outside. 

Warm cheese scone and coffee in my belly.

Boys for the moment happy being Batman and Raa Raa. 


Highlights this week have been:

A theatre trip with our NCT group. A lovely no tension puppet show aimed perfectly at ages 2-6. No horrible moments or things to fear. Lots of cute puppets on adventures. I wish I could have captured son2s face as he gazed in awe and chuckled along. 

Bumbling along the seafront with the boys on a sunny warm afternoon. Throwing stones in the sea, ice cream and the craving of my body for spring. 

Walks around our estate looking at the shoots of flowers emerging. 

Park trips standing in the warmth remembering why parks are a Good Thing. 

Rediscovering our garden. 

The boys delight in a new cd given to us by friends. Love son1s commitment to learning all the lyrics. 

Son2 not crying when he was dropped off at nursery and singing songs from his morning there all afternoon. 

Moments where the husbandface has been able to be engaged with us, tramping through a windy day to a windy park and hearing the boys rejoice in Daddy with us time. 

Good friends coming, eating and praying with us. Balm for the soul. 

Drumming. A new drum. Sore hands. 

New shoots of interactions at church, women’s prayer breakfast, chats with others, community meal and sermon writing. Spring is on it’s way in more ways than one. 

Running in the start of storm Doris. Wind burnt face. Laughing for joy over hills of green. 

Darker moments have occurred. There was the Sunday afternoon of collapse and son2’s very sweet voice. ‘Mummy cry? Daddy, make sure Mummy alright? Yeah?’  

But over all it’s been a Good Week. 

Mostly because I read some amazing stuff in the Bible. I know. Who would have thought?! My prayer book has me walking with Jesus in Luke at the moment. I was stunned by a passage on Monday morning. It was one I really can’t ever remember reading. Jesus raises a widows son from the dead. But it’s not so much that he does it but the way he interacts with her. She is really upset, as you can imagine, and his heart goes out to her. His heart goes out to her. Such a small phrase but it had me in tears for a long time. His heart went out to her. Such tenderness and love. I love Jesus’ care for people, his tenderness and compassion. Mostly I find it very easy to believe that in relation to others but this week I’ve felt him speaking directly to me. To say his heart goes out to me. He is tender to me. He welcomes me. 


Each week my prayer book has a couple of verses to read everyday. This week it’s been some verses from Lamentations. The ones that say the Lord is good to those who hope in him and it is good to wait for him. The other verse has talked of the unfailing love of God. These have kept me going this week. God is good. Always. Unfailingly. Whatever. I am his dearly loved child. 

By the way. 

Come in close. 

Let me whisper in your ear. 

So are you. 

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