In which we all get sick and then I preached. 

From the high of last week there was really only one place we could go. And oh did we go there. Down down down. Ah well. Before the crazy week I did have an amazing day out in London sitting in my friends flat, enjoying the excellent company of Anna and Sarah, consuming chocolate biscuits, smiling at an uber cute 4 month old, sharing my soul and hearing my friends souls and then crying out to God. It was good to laugh, to cry and to sit together.

I slept on the train home and woke up achy and exhausted in Brighton again. Fluey type achingness has been my companion this week, as has a hideous night cough as me and the boys descended into the world of ill. Sleep has been highly elusive.  I have not run this week. I have not pleased my Fitbit stats with many steps each day. I feel a bit odd because of that. 

Illness meant we tried to go slow this week. We spent a lot of time in front of the tv and lots of time reading many books. Husbandface had a pretty grim week health wise but was amazing in taking the boys to the farm on Wednesday afternoon whilst I slept. He was also a willing victim in hearing my sermon before today and was amazing in pushing through and dealing with the crazy ones at the beginning of church whilst I was sorting out practical stuff and praying with people before the service. He also deserves much kudos for putting up with pre sermon crazy Kath. He’s a good one. 

As I’ve just mentioned the week also involved the run up to preaching at our lovely new church. (When does it stop being new? 6 months in? Now? Next year? When we’ve been there 10 years?). That meant a week of the devils lies getting in my head and swirly self doubt setting in. It also meant a week of spare time taken up with sermon writing or worrying about sermon writing (urgh). I managed a few spurts in the week and some lovely time at 3am on Saturday morning feeling the message I was preaching and curling up in Gods arms knowing how dearly loved I was. It wasn’t all bad preparing for it. 

Prayers were answered and I managed to preach without a hideous coughing fit (which given the previous days was amazing) and I enjoyed getting preacher Kath out of the cupboard. I really love communicating to people they are loved by God and I got to do that lots this morning. It was great to chat to more people after and feel like we are making our home there more and more. Even if I did call our church by the name of our old church when I started this morning… 

And there we are. Life on the ranch carries on and here’s hoping for some full recovery in the week ahead. 

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