Early or late, you decide… here’s the weekly reflection on life. 

Woah. It’s Thursday and my weekly round up is either almost a week late or a day early. I’m sure you’ll forgive the lapse.

We are just back from a lovely time in the safe and serene (if you try and ignore the two small cannonballs charging around the place) world of my parents house. We were extremely well looked after and I am so grateful for not having to cook for three days, a morning off the boys to potter in coffee shops, book shops and buy new shiny running shoes, fun times in pretty parks, uber amounts of cake, lots of coffee shop trips and another chance to weep copiously on my brilliant Mum. 

Don’t get me wrong we were still exhausted, husbandface was still very sick and the boys were their usual mix of delightful and odd. But it was good to share it, to sleep a bit more, to run around a flat place and to get away from social media for a few days. We laughed lots and watched some bad films. 

Our time away came off the back of a fairly exhausting week where I once found myself thin and far too quickly snapping at the boys. In the midst of that world good things happened, I went to the community meal at church and managed to start to get to know a few people, church on Sunday morning provided some helpful space away from the boys and although the afternoon faded into tears of exhaustion we watched Bad Mums in the evening which was highly cathartic. 

Saturday provided the highlight of the week and the reason for the exhausted tears on Sunday. I packed the boys into the car and on a freezing cold day drove them through the grey to the world of Leighton Buzzard. My lovely Brother and Sister in Law were to have their induction service in the afternoon and it was awesome to see them in their new world. I can’t explain the joy of knowing they are in a place where they can dig down roots and be somewhere long term after years of not knowing. We had lots of fun hanging out with the cousins, eating cake and catching up. The drive home through a a snowy night was a little hairy but the tiredness the next day was more than worth it (maybe the boys might have a different take on that…after Sunday afternoons fireworks). 

We are back home now, back in our land of ordinary. Back in the ups and downs of each day. Back with the same world to navigate. Back again wanting to know hope and meaning in this world of ache and longing. Back facing the call to live well, to love, to forgive, to love again and to know that we are loved with an everlasting love. 

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