Weekend Liturgies. 

It’s the slow slow liturgies of the weekend that make the difference.

Saturday starts:

Stumbling out of bed. 

Hoody from the hooks on the back of the door. 

Hold my hand downstairs. Hold my hand clamours the smallest. 

Coffee from the top shelf. 
Grinding beans into powder. 
Water, filter, plug and the rich deep smell hits my soul. 

Eggs, milk, flour swirling  
Oven on, a warming pan
Bananas chopped, blueberries dropped in. 

Ladling mixture that turns to wonder. 

Music soothes me as I circle through the kitchen. A gentle backdrop to the noise of whisking cream, slicing strawberries and setting the table. 

I sip the first taste of coffee and begin to wake up. 

Huggle me. Huggle me. Huggle me the voice shouts louder. 

Small one on counter top munches blueberries. Eldest snuggles on the sofa waiting for breakfast. 

Saturday begins. 

Sunday starts:

Lacing running shoes. Escaping the house as three pairs of eyes stare goodbye. 

I run and run slowly through the dawn. Cows standing still against the sunrise sky. The downs rolling fields of green as I pant along the road. 

Returning he retreats back to bed and I, full of endorphins, dance deep in the kitchen. 

Eggs cracked, butter and mushrooms dropped into the pan with garlic and chilli for company. 

The same music swirls around soothing to all the dark within and I gulp coffee down deep. 

Avocados smashed into toast, salt pepper and hot runny eggs poured out. 

I sit and breathe and ignore voices as I taste the beauty of food in my mouth. 

I stop. 

I breathe. 

And then clear away, stack dishes, wipe surfaces and

We dance again 

Sing out loud. 

Sunday has begun. 

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1 Response to Weekend Liturgies. 

  1. Gayl says:

    Kath, this is simple but so beautiful! I love how you described your weekend. I could almost taste the food!

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