Time slips away..

I don’t know when they write. Those people who have 4 kids and a blog and 2 books deals and… I don’t know when they write.

Anyway. The answer as usual is not to look at them but ask me. Where do I write? I write in the snatches. In the rocking the smallest to sleep. In the moments when they are distracted by tv and at the end of the day when they are asleep and in that brief time when I am awake.  

This afternoon I picked up son1 from nursery in the light. The first time since October that we’ve not walked in darkness on a Tuesday night. The sun set cast glowing light across the distant downs. Somewhere far away I heard the taste of summer evenings and I was glad. 

This morning we looked at what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in Tuesday group. I can’t think of many places the word disciple is used to describe someone. I think it means something involved and life altering. Must ponder that. 

Last night I went out for dinner with friends. It was one of those lovely times without small people to interrupt when we could swim some conversational depths. It made me think I must set up a book group soon. I must. For my sanity mainly. 

This morning I realise it’s been 2 days with no space to write, either due to energy levels or just no space. This life is full on. That’s ok, it’s just full on. I don’t know when they write. Those people with 4 children and a blog and 2 books written already. I don’t know when they write. 

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3 Responses to Time slips away..

  1. boucherpye says:

    Seasons, my friend. Seasons. And yes, do set up the book club. I’ve never regretted any that I have set up.

  2. Adele says:

    Those people with four children and all of them homeschooled too – I really don’t know when they write! I’ve been frustrated with myself lately because I can’t manage to muster up the time (or when I have time, the energy) to write anything at all. But yes, it’s not about looking at what others are doing or daydreaming about “someday”. I’m trying to accept and enjoy now and the little snatches of time and energy the present offers.

  3. Anna says:

    They have childcare secrets they’re not telling us mate, these perfect, blogging mothers-of-four!!! Either grandparents on tap, a nanny squirreled away in the cupboard under the stairs, M&S meals every night or some other deep, dark mystery….Don’t believe everything they project in public! Love you xxx

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