Lazing on a Sunday afternoon…

I’m sitting in our spare room, currently used as a temporary sleeping pen for our youngest before he gets the hang of sleeping without being rocked and can go and sleep in his brother’s room on the beloved bunka beds. It’s a room with lots of potential for people coming to stay, for a quiet space from the madness, for extra play space. Soon we’ll figure out what to do with it. For now it’s a place to sit whilst I plan leading church tomorrow and write today’s blogpost.

I’m sitting here with a few ideas but face that dilemma of limited space and knowledge. There are a few things I want to sound off and rant about but every time I start I think about all the different opinions on the subject. I think about the nuance and the fine detail and the rant becomes diluted into acceptable bland phrases because I know that black and white doesn’t really exist in this world. I love nuance, I love the way that nothing is really as simple as we think it might be. I like that arguments are multifaceted and complex. But it doesn’t make for easy quick ranty blogposts.

Maybe I should just rant away and accept that you know that I’m aware that it’s not all so simple and straightforward as a rant has to be. Maybe. Or maybe it’s good to save the controversial for actual flesh and blood relationships, when straw men are less easy to create and knock down and relationship matters a whole lot more than a watertight well constructed argument. What do you reckon? Answers below please.

I wrote the above yesterday and never got around to finishing it until now because yesterday was one of those days, one of those days when the tiredness hit and sleep needed to happen more than writing and the small ones went crazy and we went shouty and it all needed a day like today to calm the situation down. After a slow slow week I think we are more than ready to get back into routine and structure again. All of us thrive off it and although rest has been good I think we are ready to get some normality back in our lives.

So it’s Sunday evening, husbandface goes back to work tomorrow morning, the oven is on for fish finger sandwiches (my new quick easy Sunday evening tea which helps us not just give into the craving for burgers and chips that can be easily but not very helpfully satisfied by a trip down the road to Uncle Sam’s. A greasy start to the week is not such a good thing.) I’m feeling chilled from getting to do what I love and am good at this morning- hosting church is helpful for my soul as I get to talk about God with people and that makes me remember how brilliant he is all over again. We then spent the afternoon with very good friends mooching around with them and their kids. (Hmmm we’ve just checked the fish finger situation and it looks like husbandface is off out to try the new kebab place down the road…).

Right. A week of writing has happened. Lets see if this can carry on in our normal weeks rather than just in the extra space half term provides.

(right, I’d best go switch the oven off)

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