A most boring update. It’s been a slow day…

We are in bed at 18.45. I briefly went downstairs after the boys went to sleep, looked around and decided it would be best to simply turn off the lights and head to bed. We are tired. Sitting on a sofa feels like a step too far this evening.

We’ve had a slow week. Plans of seeing family haven’t worked out, we’ve all had coughs and colds and the smaller ones have found sleep to be elusive. Even when they haven’t my sleep pattens are so out that I can’t sink back into sleep quickly. I’ve listened to lots of Dear Hank and John in the middle of the night this week (you should too). 

So we’ve had a slow week. Occasionally we have ventured out of the house to a garden centre or food shop but mostly we’ve been based here. Slow weeks are hard with small ones who tend to get cabin fever, son1 wants to see his friends, I and the husbandface want some sleep and the little one just pads around smiling or crying depending on the time of day. 

I wish I had a profound point to make. I don’t. Sorry. I just committed to writing each day and so here we are. In bed watching season 10 of Bones. I hope for sleep tonight but I’m not confident. There is too much coughing going on. Yawn. Night night. 

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