Dear Daddy…

ethan and DaddyThis blog post is brought you to from our small squirmy son. It’s Fathers Day and he wanted to give some love to the husbandface, who, as it turns out, gets two soppy posts a year now. I can’t imagine doing this crazy parent thing without him and am delighted in what an awesome father he is. Sonface thinks so too…

Dear Daddy

I really like you. You make me giggle when I’m sad and grumpy. You turn me upside down which is the best feeling EVER. You come and hold me and rock me back to sleep when I’m sad in the middle of the night.  I like it when you sing to me. It makes me feel safe. You never fail to come home each day after work and spin me round and round and tickle my tummy. That’s my favorite time of the day. Mummy says you have to go to work so we can eat and things and, although I don’t get to see you as much as I’d like, I’m very grateful.

Daddy, curtains are very funny, did you know that? Buses are too. We saw one today and it made me laugh lots. Doors are funny too, especially when they move. Some doors have things behind them. That’s very interesting, not as interesting as cardboard boxes or wires or iphones, we should get more wires in our house, can we, please?

Thank you for looking after Mummy so well, so she doesn’t throw me in the bin, I don’t really understand this world yet and I’m not very good at sleeping but I do like you both lots, you make me smile big smiles.

I’ve only known you for 8 months but I think we are going to be friends. Thanks for being my Daddy and thanks for knowing my Big Daddy and trying to love me like He does. Me and Mummy think you are the bestest Daddy there is.

Lots of love

(Apologies if that made you want to vomit a bit. It’s just that Husbandface is a Dad worth honouring in a world where Dads tend to get overlooked, written off as useless or thought to be uninterested in the whole child world.)

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6 Responses to Dear Daddy…

  1. emmascriv says:

    definitely a dad worth honouring!

  2. Adele says:

    Kath, far from make me gag, this post has made me love you three all the more! I think your husbandface is a dad worth honouring too. xxx

  3. Fiona says:

    This is lovely to read! xxx

  4. Oli says:

    Ditto Adele

  5. kathleen says:

    I love this, it made me weep. Such insight into your boy’s mind….

  6. Chris B says:

    Sorry brain in neutral after holiday…the above comment was me!

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