Feminist Friday :)

So, the excellent Circus Queen, aka the lovely Adele JK asked me to write a guest post on faith and feminism a few weeks ago. Being the obliging sort with little else to do with my time I did and now it’s up. Go to it here, as it’s a way way prettier site than mine and where there are all sorts of lovely links to other feminist friday posts. 

This weekend we spent some lovely time with the wonderful JK’s, Adele, Laz and the delightful Talitha, both Adele and I were away in different places for the Saturday leaving the men to be a perfect Brighton couple with their obviously adopted mixed race baby. I would have enjoyed observing the admiring looks. Adele came back with many tales from the Cybher blogging conference and mentioned an off the cuff comment one of the other bloggers had made about faith being incompatible with feminism. Adele gladly put the record straight and then tasked me to write a guest post about how faith and feminism actually go hand in hand.

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