Beauty from Chaos

Our God is a God who really likes creating stuff, who delights in bringing beautiful order to chaos. If you have doubts just read the first chapter of Genesis again.  All the darkness, unformed space and swirling nothingness. From this he makes land, sky, sea, space, sun, moon and stars. He fills them with teaming creatures, birds, animals, fish and thousands of different types of grass, plants and trees. Then he doesn’t leave it to grow wild and untamed. He makes some gardeners. You and me. Us. These crazy glorious ruins of creatures, who will eventually turn their back on him, who for a couple of wonderful moments take care of the garden and carry on bringing beauty into the midst of mess.

I love that our God is still doing that same work today, bringing wonderful order into our lives as his people, not put off by the mess and brokenness but committed to making beauty appear in the strangest of places. This week we spend lots of time seeing how he’s done that with the small baby growing inside me, with our intertwining stories of life and also with our balcony. Which is less of a balcony and more of another room to the house without a window.  Before we started the beautifying project it looked like this: 

A couple of days and with some help from my lovely Mum and Dad it now looks a bit like this:

Given a few more days, and grunts from the husbandface, who currently sounds like he’s hurting himself out there, we will have a pretty table to eat on (once the sun has remembered to outshine the clouds) and sit around with friends musing on life together. This might just be the start of nesting but it feels good to mould and shape the things around us to create some beauty as a reminder that God is continuously working on us and in us in a similar manner. I’m not sure he grunts as much but it seems to require much more patience and endurance working on our stubborn hard hearts and I’m glad he’s a God who has unending stores of those.

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1 Response to Beauty from Chaos

  1. Circus Queen says:

    Wow! Now we have to come visit you just to see that!

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