The one where I have some vague thoughts about Facebook

So recently the lovely Tim Chester wrote about Facebook lots on his blog. Some brilliant challenging remarks about how we use our time on that strange medium. On his last post though he wrote this:

“Think about what you have written and read on your Facebook wall this week. Think about the tweets you have followed this week. Imagine reading them in six months time. I am guessing, but I suspect that most of what is written will be drivel. Trivia. Empty. “Eating egg on toast. Yum.” “On my way to the station.” “Great party last night.” “Jack just fell over. LOL.” “Love the photos. You’re so gorgeous.” Poke.”

Which is an interesting perspective on the world of Facebook and Twitter but I suspect a rather stereotyped view. If you get to the base lowest level this is what you will find but there is more than meets the eye to the stuff we write online. The mundane details matter to God, he’s in the details of what we eat for breakfast, what we are doing moment by moment and it’s good to stop and take joy in some of those things. I love looking back on my Facebook timeline to see the ways my days have panned out and the delight of God’s delicious grace through those moments, the ups and downs matter to our King and it’s a good record to have.  There is a point to these details.

Also, there is much good to be done in the world of twitter, conversations spun, awareness of issues grown and life affirming joy to be found. It can enhance our day to day flesh and blood relationships. Of course we can hide here, run away from ourselves but there is also much good that we can do here, be honest, real and aware of the God who dwells in the details of our lives.

What do you reckon?

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4 Responses to The one where I have some vague thoughts about Facebook

  1. Fiona says:

    I agree with you! Of course, like anything, Facebook can be used for great and not-so-great purposes. But certainly there’s plenty out there in the blogosphere which does caricature social networking to the extent of completely missing its point. Whilst I very much appreciate reminders from Christian bloggers to steer away from making life all about me-me-me, which Facebook can certainly encourage, it can be used for tremendous good too (which is very often glossed over). As you wisely point out, God is in the tiny details. Thank you for your wonderful words!

  2. Tanya Marlow says:

    Yes yes! Preach it sister! Have been oddly annoyed at Tim Chester’s comments (though annoyed at myself for being annoyed…)
    I think this is part of it – thanks for articulating it for me.

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  4. Emma says:

    Yes – good point. I think one of the reasons Facebook is so popular is because it represents a kind of virtual community that we don’t always have in practice: and this includes all the little details of everyday life that make up real friendships.

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