Sunny Day. New routine.

Today is experiment day, I’ve been in a new routine for the last month as I adjust to working three days in a row and having 4 days away from the office. Working Monday, Wednesday and Friday helped the week feel like a week, working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday helps me focus on my job more but also leaves me feeling like the weekend has begun on Wednesday night. I’m not all that convinced of the living for the weekend culture we’ve created but I’m also aware I buy into it with all my heart most of the time.

I don’t want to think of the weekend starting on a Wednesday evening, it makes me a lazy ass when it comes to Thursday and Fridays. These are days I’m crazily aware of the privilege of. I’m in that position where I can spend two days a week doing the things I love (I know, I know, some of you do that in your actual jobs but you are even more privileged and I’ll try and not to covet your life.).  These days are set apart for writing, involvement in my church, being a little bit useful around our flat and generally for encouragement of people (come visit if you want some Thursday or Friday love). Mainly they are set apart for writing. I have to tell myself this because I want to fill them with lovely friends and watching Spooks on Netflix. Nothing all that wrong with that but there is more I want to do in this space. That something more requires a level of intentionality.

As January comes to it’s welcome end, as my job seems slightly more manageable, as I feel less like I want to hide under a table and wibble, as the sun comes out I have managed to dig some intentionality up from wherever it was hiding. And so I find myself in our favourite local independent cafe in Brighton. Moksha provides a fairly chilled environment conducive to writing, good coffee, amazing cakes and generally warm feelings of joy.  I’ve long said, I’ll go to a cafe and write, knowing the distractions of life at home, but I’ve never quite managed it. Well. Here I am, with a massive latte on the go. Lets see what happens.

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1 Response to Sunny Day. New routine.

  1. Alice says:

    Yahoo! Write! You love it and you’re very good at it. There is such power in choosing to actually do what you want to do rather than talking about it but never getting round to it!

    Ps, I’m a teeny bit jealous – I would like to do that too! Xxx

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