60 years of My Mum.

Well the time has come for another one of those I love my family posts.  If you’ve been hanging around this blog at all you’ll be familiar with them.  One was the start of my brother’s road to marriage and a family of his own, you’ve heard the stories of my Dad’s (MBE) struggles to get his tunnel built enabling you to drive through the Hindhead tunnel thinking of it as Kath’s Dad’s tunnel. Well now it’s the turn of my excellent Mum. Today marks 60 years of Marjorie Arnold.  She’s brilliant and here are some reasons why.

She still loves Jesus. I think that’s a pretty good state to get through after 60 years of what this life can throw at a person. She still loves Jesus and is fresh and alive in the battle to believe he loves her too.

She won’t be beaten by her stammer. Stammering is one of those issues that needed Colin Firth to wake everyone up to the fact that it’s not comedy gold, it’s incredibly frustrating, at times humiliating as people make crass comments as you try and get a word out. It can be tempting to sit in a room and never speak again. Mum hasn’t done that. She keeps wanting to deal with it and keeps on getting back up off the mat when it floors her again and again. I’m humbled by such perseverance. I know she’d dearly love this thorn to be taken away. One beautiful day it will be.

She thinks that most of my problems can be resolved by a bath or going to bed

She’s probably right.

She likes to talk about birds when I’m weeping down the phone to her. Admittedly I haven’t done this for a while but when I do it’s her way of saying ‘I love you and I can’t solve your problems so hey, look, a robin has just flown into the window.

For someone who is so outwardly calm she can belt it out at someone when pushed. One of my favourite memories of such a time when growing up is her shouting, ‘this is ludicrous’ at a train guard. I can’t remember why it was ludicrous but it was entertaining to see Mum lose it in such a way.

I’m a lot like her. I used to fight against this but now I’m pretty proud to be like her. It’s a great help to have someone who really gets the weirdness of my head at times.

She didn’t give up when I was being a mental teenager, her unconditional love over the years is a thing of beauty. (I’m sure it didn’t feel like a thing of beauty as I ranted and raged over the house but it looks like it from this view point)

She always told me one of the reasons she married my Dad was because she knew he’d be a great Dad. I really like that. He is.

Everyone around her thinks she’s some kind of superwoman, I’m glad I know the real Marjorie underneath the composed efficient exterior 🙂

She’s brilliant at hugging.

I still like holding her hand when we go shopping.

She’s my friend. One of my best ones.

Happy Birthday Mum, I love you.

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