Sometimes you get what you wish for…

Out running the other day I past a group of people off to the football, you can picture the image, slightly overweight men all in a group, stacks of beer on the pavement before them, the sense that later on you might want to avoid this group on the way home. As I jogged past I think I heard one shout out (I had earphones blasting out music to keep me going so I can’t be sure), “look at the arse on that”. I’d like to think that the only thing stopping me from heading back to them and undertaking a reasoned debate on the many things wrong with that sentence was that I wasn’t sure I’d heard correctly. In my head, however,  I went back and brilliantly tore them to pieces with my razor sharp wit and courage. Mostly I was thinking, if you are going to shout at people in the street why not make sure you shout helpful encouraging things. I’m sure I do look ridiculous pounding around the streets of brighton, overweight and red faced. But at least I’m doing something about it, at least I’m not taking my beer belly to sit down for the day and drink more beer.

As I was thinking these and many other furious thoughts I ran past another man, he was of the same build as the previous ones, and looked like he might be ready to launch some more ‘amusing’ comments in my direction. Weirdly he just shouted out, ‘you go girl’ in a friendly and helpful manner. Providing the encouragement I was in need of. It was delicious timing so soon after my desire for encouraging comments to replace negative ones in this world. So thank you random man who runs the second hand shop opposite the Duke of Yorks in Brighton, you’ve redeemed my image of middle aged men who look a certain way and I was encouraged.

On my next run out with husbandface another man cheered us on. Maybe my furious thoughts to all middle aged men have been heard loud and clear and I’ve managed to change the world by the power of my thoughts. Maybe.

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2 Responses to Sometimes you get what you wish for…

  1. Tanya_Marlow says:

    I LOVED this.
    That is all.

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