Advent 23

So, I know that this advent time most of these posts have followed a similar line, life is hard right now but in the midst of that there are glimmers of hope, Christmas is a bit crap and anticlimatic really but in the midst of that there is real light and truth. Realistic I think, and pretty much the only basis of true joy.  The light has come to the darkness and the darkness really doesn’t know what to do with it.

Only in admitting the strange reality that Christmas is can we work through the darkness to find the true source of joy and hope at this time of year. I am glad for this journey, I feel better prepared than ever to face the next few days, I am looking forward to hanging out with my lovely parents and husbandface,  I am looking forward to eating lots of food and remembering why on earth we are doing the whole thing, I am looking forward to knowing that life will be ok if we don’t stuff ourselves stupid or buy the whole of the shops come the sales post Christmas Day. I am delighted that there is more to Christmas, that it points us to the wonder of Jesus’ second coming and his leading us to all that is to come in the land where there will be no more shadows.

I accept all of that with abundance. But I thought you should watch this as well. Just because, well, sometimes you have to go along with the whole cheesy Christmas joy thing.

If you haven’t seen Elf yet, go buy it. It might just bring you the joy you are looking for this year 😉

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