Advent 22

As a child of Christian parents who grew up in the 80s I was inducted in the ways of Garth Hewitt from an early age. My Mum also had the fortune to work for him and, as he went to our church, he was one of the most influential people championing the cause of justice around the world that I can remember as I look back through the years.  I think he was one of the people who installed in me an awareness, through his songs and talks, of a world beyond middle class Guildford and I am grateful.

This is a quote from one of his early numbers. Seems pretty apt for this Christmas Eve eve.

“Yet angels tore the sky apart,
A child was born, another start,
A chance for all to regain their heart and soul
A simple birth that let us see, what we’re worth and who to be,
The value of humanity one and all.

Our minds are stirred with precious words, so rarely heard
He sings us tunes, that very soon, will heal our wounds.
So bow the knee, you have the choice.
Let the wounded heart rejoice.
Follow where the healing voice will lead”

We are in need of much healing this Christmas time and I long to listen to that voice that will lead us on through the darkness to home.

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