Day 17

The arrival of Anna and Sarah into our flat, cooking colourful soup and making amazing Lemon cake, talking, laughing, sighing together. Sharing lives and recognising again the need to fight for contentment, to not compare lives and to be thankful where we are right now. So ridiculously grateful to God for years of friendship and support of each other. Fun evening in watching the end of West Wing for the umpteenth time and delighting in our old friends with husbandface.

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2 Responses to Day 17

  1. Sarah says:

    Giving thanks for Anna and Kath, soup and cake! For the honesty, support and encouragement of discussing our lives and praying about it all. For their patience with my ridiculousness. For the sea…. and ending with a great sleep…

  2. Circus Queen says:

    Umm, I see a face in that cake!

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