Where are we going?

It’s always helpful to keep the destination in mind on a journey. When walking up a mountain I need to know that there is a summit I am climbing to. When on a long bike ride or run I need to know what home is like so I am motivated by the hot shower and cup of tea awaiting me.  When travelling to some exciting land far away I want to know what it will be like.  If I have no clue what the destination is like I will give up and be distracted by other things. Especially if the journey is a long one. When we were planning our wedding the thing that kept us going through the endless to do lists and plans was the thought of being married at the end of it. We looked forward to the joy bumbling through life together and that kept us living in the present, working towards that time. You see where I’m going here?

We are going somewhere. Our lives are headed to an eternal destiny. There is a destination on this journey.  The problem is, we’re not really sure what it might be like, we’re not sure if we even want to go there and we’re really unsure about the  whole eternity thing. My finite brain simply won’t allow myself to conceive of something going on forever that won’t get boring.  But that is because my brain is finite, small and needs some imagination poured into it.

This stream is here to help us ponder where we are going, what it will be like, how others have imagined it and how we can fix in our minds and hearts on the hope we have. We don’t have pie in the sky hope, we have a real hope that, when our hearts are saturated in it, can make a real difference to how we live in this corner of the world today.

Many people have written about the life to come, many songs, poems and stories have been put down onto paper to lift our eyes to what awaits.  We’ll be sharing some of those here, looking at what God says about the world to come and trying to bend our little brains around a concept as big as eternity.

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1 Response to Where are we going?

  1. RobPS says:


    I’m very glad indeed I followed a RT to your blogsite. It is very refreshing and Jason R’s illustrations are genius.

    The tone of your site with its exporatory journey analogy is very interesting as it chimes with a piece of research we are conducting online at http://www.faith-journeys.com.

    Please visit it when you have the time. Perhaps after a cuppa or before a drumming session.


    RobPS (twitter name)

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