Fellow pilgrims.

One of the best things about this journey we are on is that we don’t have to walk it alone. We are accompanied by many people, both alive and dead, who have walked these roads before. The greatest is obviously everyone’s favourite Sunday School answer, Jesus.  We travel in His footsteps, learning from Him, challenged by him on the journey home.  We also walk with people who have spent longer than us figuring out what this life is about. People who have been drawn away from self conscious, self obsessed travelling and into the life of faith, hope and love. I want to learn from these fellow pilgrims.

It’s always helpful to listen to these voices from the past, from the voices of those further up the road to us, to sit at the feet of those wiser than us and hear stories of the road ahead. To see how they managed to conquer dragons and navigate treacherous roads, what pastures are good to lie down in and where the best sunsets are watched from.

We also want to hear from each other, I want to hear from others on the journey, to hear thoughts and reflections from those around me on the path.

That’s a flavour of what can be found here.

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