If I could turn back time…(and other bad songs about time)

Sadly this isn’t a post about the classic Cher song, sorry to disappoint. Tonight I had the somewhat dubious honour of doing a session at church on ‘wise and creative use of time’. (Gareth if you are reading this you may well be spitting your tea out in amusement, yes I did tell the story of my days watching west wing when I should have been, you know, doing some student work…). Anyway, my bad use of time aside, we pondered together the author of our days, the God who is in charge of all our time, who holds our times in his hand, and who has really fun stuff for us to do in it.

As part of that whole process I was pondering the things that we think will give us rest. When I am at work it’s easy to day dream of endless days in front of the tv, sometimes when I used to do student work I would give myself incentives of getting through the day to get to the treat of slobbing out on the sofa in front of the tv. Strangely enough it wasn’t satisfying, it made my day strange by making me want it to be over very quickly so I could get to the sofa, and at the end of the day I was left unsatisfied by the tv, it wasn’t restful. Now, sometimes watching tv is very fun and restful, I’m not an advocate of the stripped back lifes style. But I wonder. Do I really expect the tv to be my refuge? My rest? My hope? Hmm. Someone else should be those things, and will probably do a whole lot better job than the large box in my living room.

I guess there are two points here.

1. Am I wasting my day and the right now moments by constantly wanting the next thing? Am I wasting my weeks by living for the weekend and missing out on what God is up to in the present right now, where we can experience him?

2. Do I really think real rest can come from a box? What would life look like if tv and other distractions weren’t my refuge? How can God really be my rest and my refuge?

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