A few steps towards the perfect Saturday.

1. Go for a storming bike ride on the South Downs (insert your own place of special beauty), marvel at the pretty clouds, sunshine and freezing cold wind ripping through your body.

2. Make soup. Squash, orange and ginger soup. Fry an onion, cut up some squash and make some vegetable stock, cut up a bit of ginger, bung it all in a pan with a cup of orange juice and leave to simmer for 40 min. Blend and enjoy.

3. Make beer bread, even easier than the soup. Take 15oz of self raising flour, sift it and mix it with a can of beer (about 375ml), add a tablespoon of sugar and a tea spoon of salt, bung it in the oven at 190 degrees for about 50 min. Enjoy with soup. Mmm.

4. Read some of Ezra in the sunshine and marvel at the God of heaven sorting kings out so they help the temple be rebuilt. Long for more change and anticipate the wonder of Christmas to come.

5. Buy some socks, cozy pretty ones.

6. Listen to some awesome music.

7. Await arrival of lush friends in a camper van. (or some such friend like activity.)

8. Buy a composter and do some Saturday garden activity.

9. Anticipate the joy of X factor in the evening.

10. Realise that it’s only 2.30 and there is so much more of this day to be enjoyed.

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1 Response to A few steps towards the perfect Saturday.

  1. dave bish says:

    We spent Saturday with Mike Reeves but your version sounds good. Gonna have to try the Beer Bread.

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