I just want to say…

That I love The Crowded House, not the Australian band, but the bunch of people in Sheffield spawning many conversations all over the shop about church and how we do it and what it’s really all about. Pretty much everything I read by the guys who do stuff there makes me go, YES, that’s obviously what we should be doing, why isn’t everyone doing that?  These are people who really are trying things differently, and not just talking about it. These are ideas that make me glad to be part of the family of God. These are ideas and reality that make me think that it is possible to be real community focused, Bible loving people who actually live out the reality of what God says about loving each other, considering others better than ourselves, living lives that reflect that and rejecting the way of thinking that says my needs matter more than anyone else and that I am my own God. Advert over. But read Tim Chester’s blog.

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  1. bish says:

    They’re great. One of the guys from Reading went up there a few years ago to do an apprenticeship – did him a world of good. Seems they’re doing the obvious and doing it well.

    cya at team days.

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