The Hollingbury Crewi

Soon I’ll introduce you to my housemates to be, probably when we actually move, denial is easier in the meantime. But for now here’s a little tale of our visit to A and E last night. Larry stepped on a rusty nail, 5 phone calls to various medical friends, NHS direct and the advice of my housemate who used to be a nurse later, we decided to take him to hospital to get a tetanus jab. Together. All 4 of us.

4 hours in A and E, normally a trial that would test even the most ardent of friendships. Not us, no no. We stubbornly refused to leave Larry’s side as he waited for his tetanus jab, and made the most of 4 hours in a confined space together. We listed all the US states we could and played the alphabet game with biblical characters, bands, films and countries of the world (Larry-Oman was the ‘O’). We told stories to each other, Kev and Lou developed a darker side by killing the characters in theirs. Kev tried to teach me maths:

Kev: “If there are 100 legs and 36 heads in a farmyard how many cows and chickens are there?”

Kath: ”I don’t care”.

Kev: “What number increases by 21 if you turn it upsidedown?”

Kath: “I don’t care”.

We wondered why they were X-raying Larry’s foot when all he needed was an injection. We told each other more of the stories of our lives, we played blah or blah (cake or death?, wine or tea?, parsnip or chocolate?), we hung out and at 2am we went home. I wonder if this dedication will last?

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