Holding the tension of the joys and frustrations of life right now. A poem.

Life feels very much out in the wilderness right now. But it’s a wilderness, not a desert. There is life bursting all over the place and there are holes to fall into, paths that are overgrown and no clear way ahead. It’s a full on world of tension of all the happy and all the sad. An undefined place and I am learning this new skill of holding the tension.

And I am asked

How are you doing? 

And I sit, breathe, 

Try to put into words.  

How to explain this tension 

This season of joy and sorrow

Grief and wonder 

Delight and frustration

Fear and light 

Love and despair 

Closeness and loneliness 

Fullness and emptiness.  

Sunshine and clouds. 

And then, surprise 

I am holding them both 

These consolations


Always I’ve lived in the extremes and 

Now I walk this path 

Of here. 

In all it’s messy confused 

full depth glory. 

And you? How is it for you right now?

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