Books I’ve read, the December 2020 edition.

I’ve just realised it’s about to be the end of the year, which means I need to get on my last round up of books I’ve read recently and start to unfold my list of books read this year. Without further ado then, here we go… 

Science Geek Sam- Cees Dekker

This is really one I bought for son1, it follows Sam as he tries to wrap his head around the theories of evolution and some Christians in his school who say God just made the world in 6 literal days. I think it does a brilliant job of exploring the wonders of science and evolution and our creator God. It’s very much in the Genesis accounts are poetry and not a textbook of how God made the world camp and I love it for that. Sam and his class get a whole load of different perspectives on creation and he ends up in awe of God and the wonderful world he lives in. It’s well done and I think helpfully introduced son1 to the reality that people don’t always agree on how God made the world, but thats ok and you can love science and God.

The Family Tree- Sairish Hussain 

I loved this big sprawling tense novel following a British Pakistani family living in the North of England. Really engaging, tense, made me cry and want to read more about the characters. Can’t ask for much more than that from a book.

Miracles and Other Reasonable Things- Sarah Bessey

This was not what I was expecting at all (I think I was expecting more of a dealing with faith deconstruction thing) It’s the story of her car crash and how she came to embrace rest and slow. I love her writing SO much and I love that she is someone who has journeyed through so much disorientation and reorientation of faith and yet maintains this passion for Jesus through it all. I love her voice which cuts through some of the tired empty cynicism that deconstruction can lead to and gives me hope and light in forming a new orientation of faith. This was the book I needed to read at the start of a month of illness and having to stop and go slow. 

The Light Keeper- Cole Morton

I loved this short novel mainly because it was set up on the South Downs near Birling Gap. The landscape drew me in to a fairly tense story of love and loss and working out what matters in this life. 

What is the Bible? – Rob Bell

I usually avoid Rob Bell books due to some weird desire to avoid over popular authors and I don’t often read books about God by men (although some have been creeping back in over the last year), I really enjoyed this though, it helped me ponder the Bible a bit differently, is written in the most easy to read way and made me more hopeful of reading the Bible through again with a different perspective. One to read if you haven’t picked up the Bible in forever and would like some refreshing perspectives on it. 

Unexpected Lessons in Love- Lucy Dillon

Standard love story novel. Fairly forgettable but enjoyable at the time. 

The Giver of Stars- Jojo Moyes

I really liked this story of a library and women in 1930s America. Loads of brilliant characters, tension and the transformative power of books. Wonderful. 

The Diary of a Bookseller- Shaun Bythell

A book that made me want to buy all my books from independent sellers from now on. A fun trawl through a year in the life of The Bookshop in Wigdown. I loved the thread of people in all their quirks and strangeness which stood out throughout the book. It reminded me again of how diverse and wonderful we all are and that there isn’t an ideal way to live this life, just us pottering along, doing our best to get through the days. 

The Thursday Murder Club- Richard Osman

I usually hate it when people write ‘laugh out loud’ on the front of books but this one genuinely made me chuckle. I loved the characters and the hints that there might be more to come. 

Wintering- Katherine May

I loved reading her gentle reflections on wintering as a season and her explorations of winter and how to be kind to yourself in such seasons. A lovely warm read of a book, which is exactly what you need in winter. 

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