Advent 17

Tonight I write from a tired and slightly fed up with isolation space. It feels hard to dig for the wonder and yet as my mind floats over the day I know it was there. It was there in moments of joy at hanging out with my boys (easy to forget at this point in the day). In delight at realising how much easier this stay at home with them for 10 days is than if we had done it 2 or more years ago. They have grown and are more fun, we have laughed, huggled and played fun games today (again I must remember these good things because all I really have in my mind are the snappy annoying bits as I try and persuade them into bed). There was wonder in the cake delivered randomly and anonymously to our door (well the boys and husbandface will find wonder in that, fat free is a hugely annoying way to eat at the moment..).

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