Advent 16

We made it over the hump day of our lockdown time (all being well…) 5 more days to go. The wonder came in swirls after a long crazy night with an unsettled youngest. But it was there. It came in being played Jamie Cullum’s Age of Anxiety in zoom staff team this morning, these lyrics getting to me every time I hear it… “‘Cause I hold onto you, And you hold onto me, A tiny victory in The Age of Anxiety”. Despite these odd times we hold onto each other and that feels very special indeed. I feel very held by friends who care, by our lovely neighbours on our road and the general sense that we aren’t alone despite not having left our house for 5 days.

The wonder also came in the laughter of the boys, the singing of various Hamilton songs, they do a pretty ropey Guns and Ships which is genius to listen to. It was found in kicking a ball around in the garden whilst the sun shone, in a cup of tea outside, in tie dying t-shirts and in playing games together. I finish today grateful for the details of this life, deeply enjoying the tiny victories.

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