Advent 24

Christmas Eve.

Slightly, maybe, more than ever, I’ve not felt the Christmas vibe. I think that’s because really at this time of year all I want to do is hibernate, read books, drink red wine and wait out the winter. I don’t really want to have a month and a half of Christmas events, overexcited kids who are super grumpy or super bouncing off the walls.

Maybe in the insanity of Christmas and the BIG emotions that we all feel, which seem to be echoed larger and larger, are just a whole big melting pool of stuff which leaves us desperate, thirsty for real water, for the refreshment of a God who comes and walks amongst us, who became small, who entered our world and is a bringer of hope, light, safety and peace.


And so to my last search for wonder before switching social media off for a while and hunkering down with a good book every now and again. I’ll be back with round ups of the year and my final list of books read in a week or so.


Walking up to the Chattri (a memorial site on the South Downs for Indian Soldiers who fought in the second world war) with our lovely friends who are family. Being deeply honoured that the teenagers joined us that early in the morning. Son2 finally doing the walk without complaints.

Heading down to our local community centre tonight, to hear carols, eat sugar and be reminded that we are totally embedded in this lovely community. Loving seeing friends, people from school, from our old church, from just down the road and enjoying belting out many carols loudly.

Deeply amused by the boys new found belief in Santa, they’ve left food out for him and instructed their soft toys to keep an eye out. We’ve never bothered with Father Christmas (I know, controversial in some circles but utterly normal in others, lets not fight eh) but I love them getting into the game entirely on their own.

Happy Christmas one and all. Have good times remembering that it’s a day, it is what it is and the point might just be the one who stepped into the madness with us.

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