Advent 23


And breathe. In and out. In and out.


In and out.

One more day to get through for the small overtired ones.

One more day until we remember the heart of this story we are all part of, a God who stepped into the world as one of us. A God who is our with us. Our Emmanuel. One more day.

The wonder of today was found through tired eyes once more: Managing 6am food shopping. Planning the vague plan for the Christmas Day service and getting excited about the stuff of Christmas pointing to the bigger realities that make up our lives. Making us all have some vit D with a walk along the seafront. Naps on the sofa. Cuppa with my lovely friend who feels like part of family. Taking the super crazy small ones to the park and enjoying maybe at least 30 minutes of seeing the fresh air work it’s magic on their tired bodies. Oh and this beautiful song sent to me by the lovely Binface which made me cry.

(Son1: “What would I call her if I didn’t call her Auntie Binface?)

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