Advent 5

Tonight I read Son1 the story of Pandora’s Box (the child friendly one). The end hit me all over again. A tiny creature called Hope is left at the bottom of the box. Hope is then let loose into the world.

I am grateful for the reminder. Hope is still here even in the monstrous dark. Being a believer in One who made this world and came into it I’m pretty sure that there is a deeper hope that holds this world together. This hope is found in the coming of Jesus, the longing for his return and in the real presence of someone right here with us in the mess.

The one who was. Is. Is to come. Who was and is and shall be forever more. I love that we live tucked in the middle of that big narrative. Our lives are wrapped in a big story of hope, redemption and light where we can’t see anymore.

As Carrie Fisher put it so well this time last year:

“Hope is like the sun. If you only believe it when you see it you’ll never make it through the night.”

This year has been full of holding to hope. Some days I’ve done that better than others, but as I start to reflect on another year gone in our lives I can see the trails of the One who has held our hand, whose hope burns strong in us and has not let us go. I’m more convinced of the wonder of Jesus at the end of this year. 2 years ago when we felt the storm waves almost capsize us I read words that I clung to, words of asking to know more of God- if this was to be what we had to face.

I wanted to know deeper. I think I am starting to. I think I know more of what it is to sail on in the dark held by the One who will not let go of the boat. I am glad. I hope for more of that. I hope.

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