Advent 4

And today the wonder was right there.

No need to dig deep.

A fresh blue sky.

Running in the sun.

Wryly accepting the way my body works.

Connecting chats at work.

Office bag of chocolate buttons. Mmmmm.

Cuppa with one of my favourites this afternoon. One of those chats that makes me long for the day when we’ll be gazing in awe at the One who got us so far and we’ll not have to wearily struggle with the stuff of this earth. Until then we’ll drink tea, talk through our tangled thoughts and be glad of each other. Still can’t quite believe her daughter is old enough to baby sit for us tonight. Time is a funny thing.

Gazing deep at the faces of the ones who came out of me. Marvelling at their beauty, insanity and long legs. Snoozing on the sofa whilst they whispered that they could have just one more episode if they didn’t wake me.

Reading that Advent is the beginning of the Church year. Too often it seems like it’s a small period in preparation for a big day. It’s simply the beginning of walking on through another year. We start with hope. We start with light in the dark. I like it.

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