The one with the weekly roundup

It’s the weekly roundup, it’s the weekly round up, da da, da, da, it’s the weekly roundup.

If only you could hear the bright sunny tune in my head.

Where was I?

Ah yes. I haven’t done one of these for a few weeks. So. Without further ado. The week as it was in the land of Team Cunningham:

Mostly I think it’s been good. I’ve still been full of energy post retreat last week and generally full of sunshine and happy thoughts. I realised I’ve been quite despairing recently when I hung out with some friends on Tuesday night and they actually gasped in amazement that I was doing well this week. It’s a welcome relief to feel normal again, like I can take another step forward and to be able to enjoy the forest we are living in at the moment (no view on the horizon but a very interesting, pretty, complex, sometimes full of joy, sometimes dark and scary view in our immediate gaze).

Saturday saw me head off to London for the epic loveliness that is Anna and Sarah day (been praying together for 19 years, ain’t gonna stop anytime soon). We chatted, ate incredible cake and prayed. It was, as always, refreshing, good for the soul and really lovely to know the deep deep love of friends who are a safe place for each other. I left happy and very grateful.

We had the first of our series on ‘Things that are Killing us’ at church on Sunday, cheery eh? This week we explored Anxiety, the weeks to come we’ll be looking at the News, Consumerism, Busyness, Self Image and Pornography. A fairly wide spectrum of things that affect us all in different ways. The aim is to find something of the presence of God in the midst of our struggles, to find a more Jesus way of living and to know the peace of God as we try and walk God’s ways in the 21st Century.  It feels like a significant series and I’m hoping it will lead to deeper conversations, more awareness of God with us and transformation in our lives.

I had a fairly quiet week after Sunday, meetings were cancelled and I found myself walking outside more, having thoughts again and getting on with writing some of them down, which always helps me process what’s going on internally. I’m now in the somewhat ironic situation of loving being away from social media more and the free space in my head to get creative but then feeling the pull back to social media to share my blogposts and get others in on the conversation. Ah well. I want to use social media well but I’m really loving not staring at my phone all the time. I’m still seeking a healthy route through all of that and I think that’s ok. I’m a work in progress.

The boys had their final week of this half term. They’ve both done really well and are tired but not completely exhausted at this point. I think our duvet day last Friday helped us all reconnect, post my retreat, and aid recovery from colds. I sadly still have the last part of the ‘marriage wrecking cough’ (pity the poor husbandface as I hack away all night) but I think today it’s slowly heading out of the door.

Husbandface now officially only works 4 days a week. He now has Thursdays off to recover from the first half of the week and counselling first thing in the morning. It’s guilt free time off to sleep, rest and generally be a helpful safety valve. He then picks the boys up and cooks dinner, meaning I can work later or just enjoy time with the boys without having to think about food. It feels very freeing to have margins in life again and I’m glad of a new, more helpful rhythm to our weeks.

I’m loving writing more, loving the autumn sunshine, golden leaves and general October vibes all around. We are in Bristol this weekend with excellent friends and then have a night away from the boys on Monday night. It will be the first time we’ve been away from them together. They are very excited about being with their beloved Nana and Grandad (who may be slightly less excited but at least it’s only for 24 hours…) and we are so much looking forward to an afternoon to ourselves, a bed to ourselves and no-one shouting in our faces at 6 in the morning.

Now there’s a positive blog post for you.

And so, enjoy the sunshine, breathe deep and gaze into the blue skies (or snuggle up under a blanket with a cup of tea and listen to the sound of the rain soothing your soul).

I’m off to do likewise.


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