What are you good at?

Today, at work, we were asked to list our skills and passions.

What am I good at?

I sat. Rabbit in a headlight. Battling the gloom of my thoughts at the moment.

I sat and fought through the blanket of dark in my head and wondered.

What am I good at? What are my skills? Where is my place in this world?

10 years ago I could have answered with some ministry type words. Teaching, leading, seminar facilitating, taking groups abroad, strategic planning, mentoring, bible study writing and more.

Now. 4 years in part time roles, 6 years as a mum.

What am I good at?

Huggles all night long of small kicking people.
Train track building.
Duplo house creating.
Reading 16 library books in one sitting.
Ordering and structuring our days.
Making meals whilst being shouted at.

Getting up each day to do it all over again.

Not throwing small people out of the window when they stare blankly at me after I’ve asked them to put on shoes for the 100th time.
Talking a small person through their angst at the end of a day.
Learning the names of the Paw Patrol only to find I don’t need to know them anymore.
Memorising all the words to Frozen and The Greatest Showman sound track.
Knowing where everything is in the house.
Cups of tea with friends.
Keeping a conversation going despite endless interruptions and requests for stuff from small people.

Getting up each day and doing it all over again.

Repetitive tasks.
Multi tasking
Confrontation management.
Diplomacy skills.
Ability to research.
Good in a team.
Motivational speaker.

Getting up each day and doing all over again.

What am I good at?

I don’t know anymore.

But maybe.

More than I realise.
More than my brain will let me know.

I was asked what I was good at today.

What I said with my words was honesty. Helping people find God in the everyday ordinary. Calling attention to reality.

And my passion?

Something to do with walking with others through this journey with God we seem to be on. Helping people know they are not alone.

I don’t have a coherent narrative of my life. I don’t have a nice neat list of skills and passions which fit together in an orderly way.

I do have a heartbeat that won’t go away for honest sharing of life. For awareness of the divine. An ache for me and others to know we are not alone, that we are loved and God is here. Right here in this mess with us.

I was asked what I was good at today.

Maybe there is more.

Finding the meaning.
Drinking tea.
Walking on.

I was asked what I was good at today…

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2 Responses to What are you good at?

  1. Missed you at Tuesday group today x

    • Kath says:

      Aw. Thanks. Weird how life changes. I have a processing not being at Tuesday group post brewing somewhere in the back of my mind. Miss catching up with you. Big love x

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