30 Days of Wild: Day 1


Today was the first day of our 30 days of wild challenge set by The Wildlife Trusts. The idea is to do one wild thing each day. I’m not entirely sure what counts as ‘wild’ but the aim is to get people outdoors in whatever capacity and appreciate the natural world around us. I am all for this. I loved doing it last year with the boys and am looking forward to doing it this year for my sake as well as theirs. The wild of each day doesn’t have to include them.

I’m also going to confess straightaway to my jealousy of anyone who lives near mountains and posts them for their wild of the day.  I am putting down the need for great wild adventures and we are deliberately looking in front of our eyes in our day to day life for the wild in our neighbourhood. We may manage a couple of adventures further afield this month, but, in our season of slow and small, we shall be looking for the wild right underneath our noses.

Today me and son1 had the best plan. We would start our wild month going on a nature hunt through the woods about a 4 minute drive away, we would then bring some cool twigs and leaves we had found back to the house and make some art together. The best laid plans always go awry. My smug happy bubble at being such a lovely outdoorsy family was well and truly crushed when son2 wailed 2 minutes into the walk that he wanted a sofa and to go home. No amount of persuasion worked (if they could harness the power of a stubborn 3 year old we could solve the fossil fuel running out problem in an instant…). Feeling like I wanted to cry we stumbled back to the car. It’s hard to forgive and move on from such a letdown, I wanted fun in the woods, son1 wanted fun in the woods and now we were heading back home after 20 minutes outside. Slowly we regrouped.

We made cake, ate lunch, had a much needed quiet time whilst they listened to stories and I read 4 pages of a book in peace. Some of the old NCT gang (as son1 has labelled them) came around and we sat drinking tea in the garden whilst the small ones had fun with a bit of old rope. Outdoors felt like a good place to be. After they left we had a scoot around the block before they ate dinner in a hideout in the garden. All in all it was a pretty good outdoors day. I’ve learnt that organised ‘wild’ isn’t always appreciated but that my smallest will happily skip around the garden all afternoon.

And one day son1 and I will do that nature trail treasure hunt. One day.

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