Friday roundup…

Today I’m writing from the lovely farmhouse that our church is renting with the idea of some kind of community forming out here. Whilst that vision is developing we are using it in various forms and ways. Thus I find myself sitting in a room listening to people making soup in the kitchen, small children are being taken outside for a walk and a friend is reading by the fire. Every other Friday some of us are gathering out here to relax, create, read, walk, soak up some pretty time and maybe ponder what the future might be for this space.

It’s a lovely place to be on my day off. This week has been another good one. A week of embedding into life in this new routine. A week of reminding myself that it’s ok to enjoy life. A great session with my counsellor helped me think through the idea that as people we are made to flourish. She talked about the flourishing aspects of nature and internally I could feel my thoughts turning to reject such a notion. I am much quicker to see the decay, the darkness, the death of nature. But, as the next few months will show us, nature flourishes. Green shoots are already coming out of the ground. Snowdrops followed by daffodils followed by bluebells are soon to be seen all over our estate. It is ok to be in a season of flourishing. And yes, we are only two weeks into this new season but already I can feel my soul unfurling. I’m fighting my need to add caveats of maybe it will all end tomorrow. But I am trying to embrace joy, trying to feel it deeply rather than dismissing it or being scared that it will leave again.

Small pause whilst I talked to interesting people and ate amazing lunch.

After a lovely morning I’m now back in the more familiar zone of my house with the small people laughing at Peppa pig in the background. They are both hoping I’ll fall asleep so they can watch all the tv. They may be in luck today. No sleep with a small boy coughing in my face all night has led me to a tired zoned out kind of afternoon. But. The joy is still lurking. The sun shines wide and light seems to be streaming in once more. We have a fairly chilled weekend ahead of us and I am grateful for the slow pace right now.

How’s your week been?

Mmm. This sofa is so comfy. I might just lie down and close my eyes. Mmmmmmmm.

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1 Response to Friday roundup…

  1. Adele says:

    What a cool idea to meet there with other people! Sounds amazing. I’m loving that you’re getting the space for this and for counselling and for settling into the idea that we’re meant to flourish! Thanks for reminding me of my own need to rest.

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