Advent 23

We are on the cusp.

The boys excitement is overwhelming them. Flushed cheeks and tears before bed.

We ate Saturday Pancakes this morning because it is Saturday. (This is where routines really help our brains).

We dashed around a National Trust property this morning, finding nursery rhymes and playing ‘what’s the time mr Wolf’. We delighted in our eldest and having the full picture of him again, not just the grumpy tired at the end of the day.

We ran and laughed and drove home to quiet tv time.

I read through my sermon/reflection for tomorrow morning and pray that God would show up and give people some peace, some nugget of treasure of Jesus to guide them through Christmas.

We got all the books out of the library and ate amazing roast dinner.

We wrestled them towards bed. Overtired moaning continues.

The gap in our advent puzzle tells of not long to go.

I sit, waiting for our lovely Godfamily to arrive for games and fun.

I pray this prayer from my prayer book:

“Jesus, Prince of Peace; I’ve lost my childlike wonder and stuffed the emptiness with Christmas busyness and sappy sentiment. Remind me of the miracle of Christmas, that you not only assumed a human nature but a real human soul; you were fully human. Fill me with renewed wonder that you came to save me wholly, body and soul. Amen.”

Amen indeed.

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