Advent 22

Blimey I’m late today. Anyway.

The wonder.

Search for the wonder…

Coffee, Bible and notebook to push away the morning grumps.

Superman pose to start the day (see Grey’s Anatomy- apparently it is supposed to make you feel in control…).

6k run through the gloom and mist. ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ ringing in my ears 🙂

Heading to town with my beautiful boys, delighting in the weirdos and their commentary through this world we live in.

Heading to Oskar’s Amazing Adventures with our NCT group, loving the boys delight in the play and being with old friends again.

Amazed at how we have kids at school now. What?!

Surviving Pizza Express with the crazies. Glad of friendship over the last 5 years, bonded by the insanity of having small people at the same time. Loving seeing the small ones get on with each other despite some being apart for a while now they are at school.

Catching up with our Godson for his birthday and hanging with his lovely family.

Cuddling the boys through their exhausted crying hour at the end of the day. Remembering they were delightful at the beginning of the day 🙂

Husbandface being able to be fully engaged despite the screaming crazy mess of the boys.

Bedtime. Ahhhh.

Brandy cream with sweet potato brownies.

Forgetting what day it is because. Christmas.

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