Advent 3

Each Sunday of Advent I’ve decided I’ll post a hymn or song that embodies what this season is all about. We sang this one at church this morning and I love the way it expresses why we are longing for Jesus to return. We long for Jesus because we know that in him we find rest, consolation, freedom from fears, freedom from sin, deliverance, hope and joy.

Just from hanging out with my two boys this afternoon in their tired Sunday afternoon grumps, and mine to be fair, I can see how much we need these things that Jesus brings. Chats with friends bring more awareness of needs for these to be realities. A mere glance at the news headlines brings fresh waves of longings for this world to be made new and for us to engage in bringing hope now. We need, I need, the reality of Jesus breaking into our lives and causes us to wake up to the needs of the people around us.

Sermon over.

The wonder today was found in small boys happily playing pirates this morning. It was found in feeling like I belonged in our church, in awareness that friendships are forming and we are known.  It was found in soup and bread and the ease of an old friendship. It was found in Christmas lights on the drive home from the garden centre.


This snowman doesn’t seem all that keen on Christmas coming… 


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