Advent 2


There is wonder all over the place.

Wonder in the sacrifice as I wave the weary man and grumpy boys goodbye.

Wonder in the tall grey green trees against the dark sky.

Wonder in the writing, the thinking, the wry gaze at the unescapable reality of the Maker.

Wonder in the music in my ears. Pounding along with my feet to my friends flat.

Wonder in being reunited.

Wonder at sharing our lives again.

Wonder in conversations extended, finished, expanded on without small voices telling me to ‘stop talking’.

Wonder at soup, bread, cheese.

Wonder in the thoughtful gifts.

Wonder in raising up our cries, hopes and fears to the One who cares.

An extraordinary day littered wide with wonder. The sky darkens on the train home. Lights start to turn on. Suburbs roll on and on as we head towards the coast. Afternoon turns to evening. The world revolves.

I find myself waiting.

Waiting to scoop small people in my arms, waiting to give the tired man a break, waiting to deal with whatever small person meltdowns may ensue before bedtime. Waiting for sleep and the watches of the night.

Wonder and waiting.

How has your day been?

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