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I feel like it should be time for one of those update posts that this blog seems to have become all about over the last few months. This time last week I sat and wrote about writing. Then I did some, not for this blog, for another blog. But more of all that in a moment.

Firstly, what’s the state of our team?

It’s been an interesting week. And by interesting I mean overly shouty and exhausting. By Friday afternoon I was to be found asleep on a sofa in our spare room with son2 shouting outside the door for Mummy whilst the amazing Daddy explained that he might have broken the Mummy and maybe they should go and read books for a while. After some of my less good parenting moments came back to me through son1’s mouth (‘how many times do I have to tell you to listen Mummy?’) we all needed the welcome break of a Saturday away. I took the boys to visit my wonderful friends Anna and Johnny. We bumbled around a country park with their girls, son2 overcame his fear of Johnny and became obsessed with him. No-one shouted and all in all it was a wonderful break in the general theme of grumpy grump that is lurking around our house at the moment.

The less said about Sunday the better I think. Husbandface has had a particularly bad weekend coming off drugs and letting the realisation of being signed off work until September sink in. We are all bored of the situation and the boys are beginning to ask heartbreaking questions about why Daddy is sick and will they catch it etc. Ugh. Thankfully right now the sun is shinning, the endorphins are flowing today and we will have a break from this relentless norm next week, when we got to London for a holiday with amazing family. Phew.

Stuff we actually like doing

All week we’ve also been preparing to launch our new blog all about our motorhome adventure in the summer and life as a family exploring more of the great outdoors. I’ve been loving writing some initial posts for it. I’ve realised I’ve felt more and more limited in what I want to write about on this blog, I hope that changes soon but I feel restricted in my writing. I want to write about faith and the changes going on in my head but I also fear starting to do that. I don’t really want a vast audience for this little corner of the internet, I don’t want a platform for these thoughts, I don’t want the vast swell of opinions that seem to come to people when they start getting a bigger audience for thoughts of faith and how this God thing works out in life. I feel fairly similarly when it comes to writing about parenting. I have yet to figure out how to write well about our life without it becoming or seeming to be a judgement about how others do stuff. In both christianity and parenting there are so many tribes and so many conflicting ideas that I feel paralysed when it comes to writing about my experiences of both. I’m probably overthinking these things but it feel much simpler to write about motorhomes and nature.

Anyway. Without further ado- here’s the real point of this blog post- head over to this page and discover our new blog. There will probably be lots of cross over posts as we write about things and it’ll be that blog I post our adventures taking part in the 30 days of wild challenge organised by The Wildlife Trusts. You can even follow us on twitter. 

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