Half term. It was the best of times… it was the not so best of times…

Half term has come and gone. In some ways it seems like month ago that son1 finally had his party and we headed into a week out of routine. It was a tale of two weeks.

In the first tale we were both exhausted, the boys were tired and ill with coughs for much of the week. We were both desperate for space and I didn’t realise until the end of the week how low husbandface had become again. A full on half term plus a few other past memories led to him crashing but both of us too tired to understand how bad he was feeling until the end of the week. Once I worked it out and reined in the resentment things got a bit better over this last weekend. We had some family times with husbandface able to lie down and crash for a few hours in between the fun.

For lots of the week I was resentful and wiped out. I tried to remember that in this world of full on parenting that a change is really as good as a rest. However much last week didn’t look like a rest or feel like a rest it has enabled me to appreciate our normal weeks. Doing different things is good and in the midst of extreme tiredness we had some good times with each other and friends. 

The second tale is that we did have a lot of fun in the week. We enjoyed the vast amount of Lego son1 got for his birthday and the spare room in our house is now the inventing room. All of us love modelling together, a good way to wile away tired afternoons. We managed a day away from the boys visiting one of my best friends and her new tiny baby. It was great to be able to be a blessing in the madness of new baby land. 

Son1 had a brilliant birthday party thanks to husbandface’s child’s entertainer skills and at least two of us enjoyed going up the i360 on his actual birthday. He declared it a bit too high… I can’t believe we have a 4 year old and a 2 year old now. Crazy. We had a lovely weekend this last weekend with the last of the birthday parties for a while, some national trust joy, Snowdog finding and hanging out with our lovely Godfamily.

All in all it’s been a mixed bag and with proper routine not starting until tomorrow due to an inset day at son1’s nursery I am more than a little desperate for normality. It’s a seven week run to Christmas and I want to enjoy it, not just survive it. I want to build rest into our everyday life so we have a more sustainable holiday time where husbandface can rest and we aren’t all exhausted. That may be a pie in the sky dream but I can but try. 

Running tonight has reset my buttons a little and I’m hopeful that there is hope out there in the darkness of November. 

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