As we move into darkness. Light is coming too. 

There is something in the air. As the low afternoon sun shines on our garden play. As the dark clouds on the horizon force the lights on in the house. As my body craves every ounce of sunlight it can get.

The darkness is coming. Soon the clocks will turn back. The nights will draw in. Dinner will be eaten when the sky outside is dark. The days will be short and I will run in the evenings to the backdrop of fireworks and fairy lights for a couple of months until January gloom hits. 

I’m hoping the SAD lamp we bought this year is helping. I’m hoping that I will enjoy this last week of light and soak every ray of delicious autumn sun. There is so much to delight in at this time of year. 

I love the crisp blue skies each morning at the moment. I love the feeling of change in the air. The cold on my arms and legs on morning runs. The smell of woodsmoke on sunny Saturday afternoons. I love the closeness of this time. The clocks going back brings candle time after dinner, stories read around flickering lights. I love cosy curling up under a blanket in the late afternoon with a cup of tea. I love shutting out the world and embracing the smallness of life. I love the hum of heating in the background and the contrast of cold to warm. 

Darkness is about to hit. But light still bursts holes in it. We are moving into winter but life, beauty and wonder will come with us. 

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