Processing the week…

It’s been a weird week here on the ranch. We are in the process of having a new kitchen being put in, an awesome gift which is making me very happy. Our kitchen has bugged me since we moved and it is delightful to see it moving from chaos to order, from a place of dirt that never seemed to shift to clean lines and a layout that makes sense. Next week the hideous dirty carpet will be replaced with flooring that also makes more sense in a place where we eat and the kids play. Again, my head will be clearer without a hundred times a day thinking, ‘I hate this stupid carpet that looks dirty again 2 seconds after I vacuum.’ (Yes I spend too much time in my house…)

It is good to order the place I spend most of my time. It has, however, led to an interesting week of being out of the house lots. I and the boys have found the chaos of the house disconcerting and tiring. I’ve been feeling a bit ill which hasn’t helped either. Through it all we’ve coped. I’ve been a shouty mess a few times but the boys have been remarkably resilient in the face of it. We’ve enjoyed the hospitality of friends massively and are very grateful for them. Son1 has settled down since last weeks madness, nursery continues to go well and he’s remembering some good choices again. Son2 is really only truly happy when his beloved brother is around but we’ve coped when on our own together and had some fun (when he forgot to be a clingon monster). The late September sun has been our friend and parks have saved the day when we’ve struggled to know what to do. 

This blogpost would have been very different had I written it a few days ago but after spending lots of time in the sun with the boys today I’ve got that Friday feeling and am grateful that Husbandface will be around in the mess over the next couple of days. I am grateful for friends feeding us tonight and another one babysitting to enable that. I am full of sunny day endorphins. 

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